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Organizado por METODO Research Group (University of Zaragoza)


  • Fechas:

    Del 03/09/20 al 31/05/21

  • Lugar:

    Facultad de Empresa y Gestión Pública, Huesca, España (mapa)

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AIRSI2020 is an international conference focused on the application and effects of artificial intelligence and other new technologies that are part of the so called Industry 4.0. Specifically, the aim of this conference is to deepen and broaden the current understanding of the use of all these new technologies to offer all kind of products and a wide variety of services (e.g., tourism, hospitality, health, education, banking, etc.) by focusing on their effects on value creation, relationship outcomes (e.g., satisfaction, loyalty, engagement, profitability), customer perceptions (e.g. trust) and concerns (e.g. privacy, security, etc.), ethical issues and other related aspects.

       Grupo de Investigación METODO           Facultad de Empresa y Gestión Pública

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