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2019 International Workshop on Cloud and Edge Computing, and Applications Management

  • Fechas:

    Del 02/12/19 al 02/12/19

  • Lugar:

    55 Wellesley St E, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand, Waitemata, Nueva Zelanda (mapa)

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8th International Workshop on Cloud and Edge Computing, and Applications Management – CloudAM2019

Managing challenges from the Cloud to the Edge

in conjunction with the 12th IEEE/ACM Utility and Cloud Computing Conference (UCC)
Auckland, New Zealand, December 2, 2019


Cloud computing, virtualization technologies are currently have been generating substantial interest in the community, and it is anticipated that this interest will keep expanding with the emergence of edge computing infrastructures, such as Fog Computing. Cloud and edge infrastructures can work together to fulfill requirements from a variety of applications, composing the so-called Cloud Continuum to the edge. Clouds must provide appropriate levels of performance to large groups of diverse users, and those clouds are accessed through virtualized wide area networks, where edge/fog devices can act as a first layer of computing capacity closer to the user. Management systems are essential for that and thereby for the future success of the fog-cloud hierarchy. New systems, methods, and approaches for cloud and edge computing, virtualization and applications management are to be discussed at this workshop.

Workshop Program

The workshop was scheduled for Monday 2nd December 2019. For more information regarding the venue location and specific directions, please visit the UCC main website

Session 1: Resource management Akramul Azim (University of Ontario Institute of Technology); Anil Singh (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar); Mohammad Al Maruf (University of Ontario Institute of Technology); Kaneez Fizza (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)

Resource Allocation for Multiple Workflows in Cloud-Fog Computing Systems
Jean Lucas de Souza Toniolli (Concordia University); Brigitte Jaumard (Concordia University)

Héctor: A Framework for Testing IoT Applications Across Heterogeneous Edge and Cloud Testbeds
Ilja Behnke (TU Berlin); Lauritz Thamsen (TU Berlin); Odej Kao (TU Berlin)

Component-based Scheduling for Fog Computing
Danilo Charântola (University of Campinas); Alexandre Mestre (University of Campinas); Rafael Zane (University of Campinas); Luiz F. Bittencourt (University of Campinas)

Session 2: Serverless computing Kristiina Ausmees (Uppsala University); Kathleen Muenzen (University of Washington); Catherine Kuhn (University of Washington); Amanda Tan (University of Washington)

Cloud Instance Selection Using Parallel K-Means and AHP
Taiyang Guo  (University of Birmingham); Rami Bahsoon (University of Birmingham); Tao Chen (Loughborough University); Abdessalam Elhabbash (Lancaster University); Faiza Samreen (Lancaster University); Yehia Elkhatib (Lancaster University)

Applicability of Serverless Computing in Fog Computing Environments for IoT Scenarios
Marcel Großmann (University of Bamberg); Christos Ioannidis (University of Bamberg); Duy Thanh Le (University of Bamberg)

Cloud Enablers For Testing Large-Scale Distributed Applications
Piyush Harsh (Zurich University of Applied Sciences); Juan Francisco Ribera Laszkowski (Zurich University of Applied Sciences); Enric Pages (ATOS Spain); Orlando Avila-García (ATOS Spain); Tran Quang Thanh (TU Berlin); Francisco Gortázar Bellas (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos); Micael Gallego Carrillo (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)

Session 3: Multi-cloud Yehia Elkhatib (Lancaster University); Gordon S. Blair (Lancaster University); Yuhui Lin (The University of St Andrews); Adam Barker (University of St Andrews); John Thomson (University of St Andrews)

Are Cloud Modelling Languages Ready for Multi-Cloud?
Kyriakos Kritikos (Institute of Computer Science, FORTH); Paweł Skrzypek (7bulls)

Towards an integration methodology for multi-cloud application management platforms
Kyriakos Kritikos (Institute of Computer Science, FORTH); Paweł Skrzypek (7bulls); Marta Różańska (7bulls)

Preventing Data Popularity Concentration in HDFS based Cloud Storage
Thanda Shwe (Mandalay Technological University); Masayoshi Aritsugi (Kumamoto University)


For the CloudAM 2019 workshop, researchers from Clouds and Edge computing communities are encouraged to submit and present original work for its publication. Overall topics of interest include but are not limited to: 


Cloud and fog computing environments Social Clouds Cloud and fog service orchestration Business models for cloud and fog computing Cloud and fog APIs Managing Cloud services Cloud and fog data management Management of virtualized hardware resources Cloud and fog scalable monitoring Network-specific mechanisms for optimized cloud access Cloud and fog load balancing Performance modeling ">No changes were made to the picture, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.


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