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Organizado por Instituto de Energía Solar

Seminario: Nano-, micro-, and integrated optics for energy applications

  • Fechas:

    Del 19/09/19 al 19/09/19

  • Lugar:

    Sala de Seminarios del Instituto de Energía Solar, Madrid, España (mapa)

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El investigador Tian Gu, del Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ha sido invitado por el Instituto de Energía Solar, dentro de las actividades de su 40 aniversario, para impartir el seminario "Nano-, micro-, and integrated optics for energy applications"

  • PonenteDr. Tian Gu, Materials Research Laboratory del Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Abstract: The dramatic dimension scaling-down of photonic elements enables high-performance optical devices and systems with significantly reduced size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C). In this talk, I'll review our recent progress on nano- and micro-scale optical technologies for energy applications. Development of integrated micro-scale concentrating photovoltaics (micro-CPV) is presented. In particular, a Wafer Integrated Micro-scale PV approach (WPV) seamlessly integrates multijunction micro-cells with a multi-functional silicon platform that simultaneously provides enhanced optical micro-concentration, hybrid PV/CPV, and mechanical micro-assembly. Leveraging low-cost micro-fabrication, the wafer-embedded optical elements lead to significantly reduced module fabrication costs, sufficient angular tolerance for low-cost trackers, and an ultra-compact optical architecture compatible with commercial flat panel infrastructures. In another example, we develop ultra-thin, high-performance, transmissive mid-infrared meta-optics based on dielectric Huygens metasurfaces. With a physical thickness of 1/8 of the free space wavelength, these "flat" optical devices can be mass produced via standard microfabrication technologies. We have demonstrated, for the first time,  diffraction-limited focusing and imaging performance in the mid-IR using metasurfaces.  We further demonstrate a single-layer panoramic metalens with a > 170° diffraction-limited field-of-view. Such meta-optics can dramatically boost SWaP-C of future infrared optical systems.
  • Bio: Dr. Tian Gu is a Research Scientist at Materials Research Laboratory and Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. His primary research interests involve integrated photonics, nano-optics and photonic materials, focusing on the areas of photovoltaics, metasurface optics, on-chip spectroscopic sensing, data communications, flexible photonics, and 2D materials integrated photonics. He is a recipient of the R&D 100 Award and the TechConnect National Innovation Award.

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