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Organizado por Estudis de Ciències de la Salut (UOC) i Càtedra UNESCO d'Alimentació, Cultura i Desenvolupament

Healthy Workshop: Capacity Development and Gender Equity for Sustainability: The FAO elearning Center

  • Fechas:

    Del 19/11/19 al 19/11/19

  • Lugar:

    UOC-22@_Faculty of Health Sciences (1st Floor), Rambla Poble Nou, 156, Barcelona, España (mapa)

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Lab and science meetings are an attractive usual part of academic life. From Health Sciences Studies, an initiative (under the heading of 'Healthy Workshops') has been launched to meet periodically in the framework of research and innovation. Our meetings involve discussion of research related to the health sciences and other topics that may be of interest to a culture focused on the Knowledge Society and the use of digital technologies in different fields (education, health, etc.).

Our meetings provide an opportunity to share our own research as well as learn more about what our colleagues are doing; provide a venue for practicing presentation skills and providing and receiving constructive feedback in a supportive environment; and finally, provide a forum for communication about current progress, upcoming events and collaborative efforts.

The main purposes of the Healthy workshops are:

·         To know the research that is being carried out in our university.

·         To share ideas.

·         To disseminate information.

·         To nurture critical thinking.

·         To foster a sense of participation and integration among all members of our studies and University.

Everyone is welcome to attend!


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The presentation will be describing the FAO e-learning Centre, that is the result of a collaborative effort involving a number of partners throughout the world, and offers a number of multilingual e-learning courses and educational resources,  free of charge, as a global public good. The overall objective of the FAO elearning Center is to strengthen the human capital through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences in order to generate competent professionals able to face the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

The FAO elearning Center is fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals Framework for 2030 and the courses offered cover a number of thematic areas such as: SDGs,  Climate Smart Agriculture, Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition, Gender equity and empowerment, food safety, food losses, child labor, Responsible Governance to secure tenure rights and equitable access to land, fisheries and forests among others.

The presentation will underline the role and importance of capacity development and gender based approaches for sustainability.


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