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Organizado por Jose Ygnacio Pastor Caño

Frontiers in Materials 2018-10-17 Felipe Gándara

  • Fechas:

    Del 17/10/18 al 17/10/18

  • Lugar:

    Sala Verde. C/ Profesor Aranguren 3 28040-Madrid, UPM-ETS de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos, Madrid, España (mapa)

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From molecules to frameworks:

the reticular approach for the discovery of functional materials

Felipe Gándara Barragán

Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC), España


VISUALIZACIÓN EN: https://youtu.be/fY5PyyM3uy0

Reticulated materials are built up by the linkage of building blocks through strong bonds, forming extended, crystalline frameworks with predefined structural and topological features. The rise of reticular chemistry during the last two decades has endowed material scientists with new tools for the design and preparation of new functional materials with precise structural control. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), and covalent-organic frameworks (COFs), have thus emerged as versatile reticulated porous materials with interest and application in multiple fields, such as gas storage, drug delivery, catalysis, opto-electronics, etc.
In this talk, I will start with a general, basic overview of the implementation of the reticular chemistry principles in the design of functional materials, showing relevant and illustrative examples that have contributed to the development of the field. Following, I will focus on new avenues that have been opened by reticular chemistry to achieve materials with higher levels of complexity. In this context, MOFs and COFs appear as advantageous platforms thanks to the possibility of combining order and heterogeneity in a same material, for example by the incorporation of multiple metal cations within a same crystal, by forming arrangements of controllable composition and disposition


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