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The American Postdoctoral Experience

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    Del 11/05/18 al 11/05/18

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The (American) Postdoctoral Experience:  What You Should Know!

The University of California (UC) is home to the most postdocs in California, the United States and in the world.  In particular, UC Berkeley is home to the largest contingency of postdocs in the UC System and was one of the first research universities in the United States to establish a postdoc office.

Sam Castaneda is the director of the Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA) Program at UC Berkeley which was established in 1995.   As founder of the VSPA Program, Sam has been instrumental in developing a wide array of career and professional development workshops and programs that support the UC Berkeley postdoctoral community. 

Come and listen to Sam’s overview of the postdoctoral experience in the U.S., which will be held in the Salón de Actos, Rectorado A.  You will gain practical advice on how to select and manage your faculty sponsor and make certain that you get what you need to further advance your career.  Learn how to avoid the mistakes that many new postdocs make.  Get a better understanding of how to make the most out of your postdoctoral experience.  You will also be introduced to the “soft skills” that are needed to enhance your career outcome.

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Sam Castaneda Sam Castañeda has worked for the University of California (UC) -- at both the Berkeley and Los Angeles campuses -- for more than 35 years. Over the course of his tenure, he has created innovative programs that provide support to international students and scholars.  Sam has also simultaneously held leadership positions with the California Regional Chapter of NAFSA:  Association of International Educators.  At the national level, Sam is the founder and current chair of the NAFSA Postdoc Special Interest Group and institutional liaison between NAFSA and the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA).  He also served as co-chair of the Graduate Career Consortium Annual Conference held on the Berkeley campus in 2016.

At UC Berkeley, Sam is the Founder and Director of the Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA) Program -- the first postdoc office in the UC system and one of the first in the United States.  As Director of UC Berkeley’s VSPA Program, Sam is responsible for the oversight of postdocs and visiting scholars through a variety of professional support systems. 

At UC Berkeley, Sam has created customized symposia, workshops and networking events designed to support and connect Berkeley’s 1,500 postdocs, 1,500 visiting scholars and 1,200 visiting student researchers with professional resources to broaden their career and professional development opportunities.  With an extensive student and scholar background, Sam has earned recognition in particular for a variety of tailored resources serving the postdoc community including the Berkeley Postdoc Entrepreneur Program, the Postdoc Industry Exploration Program, and the Postdoc Teaching Opportunity Program.  Other programs he has created addresses stress reduction, mentorship, language and communication, networking, personal development, and conflict resolution.  Sam is particularly proud of the creation of the Berkeley Spouses, Partners, and Parents Association which provides a largely international community of spouse/partner professionals with access to career counseling, language and communication courses, psychological intervention, cultural adjustment, and networking.

For more than ten years, Sam was chair of the UC system Postdoc Work Group where he spearheaded the establishment of job codes that provide health and welfare benefits for postdocs and their dependents throughout the UC System.  He is also founder and currently Managing Editor of the UC Postdoc Newsletter, an electronic journal that connects more than 6,500 postdocs with 500 faculty and staff administrators who work together to enhance the postdoctoral experience at UC.

With regard to the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) in particular, Sam was a Founding Member of the NPA Advisory Council, the first Chair of the International Committee, and author of the NPA International Postdoc Survival Guide, which is still in use today, with annual updates.   Sam was Chair of the Inaugural, Fifth, Tenth and 15th NPA Annual Conference local planning committee and was responsible for fundraising approximately $180K. 

Sam’s current pet project addresses one of the most pressing concerns for postdocs trying to live in the Bay Area. He is embarking on a three-year plan to identify donors and apply those funds to building housing on or near the UC Berkeley campus for both single postdocs and those with accompanying families.