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Master Class: It Coal an energy source from the past?

  • Fechas:

    Del 20/05/19 al 20/05/19

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    Aula 306, Calle Alberto Aguilera 25, 28015 Madrid, Madrid, España (mapa)

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“I Coal an eenery source from the past?” is an excellent opportunity to meet a class day of our Official Master's Degree in the Electric Power Industry.

The energy sector is changing deeply and very quickly. The important technological evolution of renewable energy and a growing concern for sustainability are producing changes throughout the energy value chain that are allowing a much more efficient, cleaner, safer and cheaper use of energy.

Thus in Europe, in general, coal is a source of energy in clear regression.

However, worldwide, coal is a very actual energy source, in fact, it is the main energy source of the planet. The global energy consumption is characterized by a great dependence on fossil fuels (80% of the primary energy consumed) and coal is the first one since it represents more than 40% of the electricity generation in the planet, being the most important energy source in the electrical sector.

Coal is also the main CO2 polluter, in 2017 global CO2 emissions were 32.5000 Mt CO2 and almost half of them were produced by coal consumption.

Does it make sense to continue consuming coal in a massive way? Can it be soon replaced by renewables? How should the energy model be decarbonized?

Jorge Palomar Herrero: Head of Orperations Europe, Iberdrola

Registration required /limited seating

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