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Organizado por ANDRADES CALDITO, Lidia PhD

International Conference: Tourism in transition economies – Issues and challenges for destination competitiveness

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    Del 14/09/15 al 15/09/15

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    Complejo Cultural San Francisco, Ronda de San Francisco, s/n,10002 - Cáceres, Spain, Cáceres, España (mapa)

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Tourism in transition economies – Issues and challenges for destination competitiveness

Conference conveners invite researchers and practitioners to share their research, expertise, and perspectives in order to shed more light upon the issues that countries with a transition economy face in the context of tourism.

This is an opportunity to explore the internal and external factors that facilitate or constrain the sustainable development of tourism.

We would like contributions that address public sector and policy making, private business and entrepreneurship, as well as education and training.

The conference aims at understanding how innovation and activities in these sectors all combine and contribute to achieve tourism destination competitiveness and productivity, either at the national or regional level.

The conference will be designed to facilitate exchange and discussions. Conference presentations will therefore be kept short and moderators will encourage active participation by attendees and discussion with presenters.

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LARRY DWYER Destination Competitiveness, challenges for transition economies.

Larry Dwyer PhD is Professor of Travel and Tourism Economics in the School of Marketing, Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales, Australia.

He publishes widely in the areas of tourism economics, management and policy, with over 200 publications in international journals, books, government reports, chapters in books, and monographs. He has been awarded numerous research grants to contribute to tourism knowledge.

Professor Dwyer is a Fellow and President of the International Academy for Study of Tourism, President of the International Association for Tourism Economics, and an appointed member of the International Advisory Board of the Business Enterprises for Sustainable Tourism Education Network (BESTEN).

Professor Dwyer maintains strong links with the tourism industry at international, national, and regional levels. He has been invited to give numerous keynote addresses at international tourism conferences worldwide. He also has undertaken an extensive number of consultancies for public and private sector tourism organisations, and for international agencies, including the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. He is an appointed member of the Editorial Boards of twenty one international tourism journals.

JUERGEN GNOTH Service Design for Well-Being

Juergen Gnoth interests are with consumer behaviour, tourism services marketing, place branding and marketing ethics. Juergen is a leading member of the Tourism Research ">

EUGENI AGUILÓ Round table chairman, Development of emergent destinations: challenges for transition economies

PhD in Economics, University of Barcelona. Postdoctoral studies at the London School of Economics. Professor of Applied Economics at the University of the Balearic Islands and Director of the Master Degree in Tourism Management. CEO of Imagine Tourism Consulting. Expert in Tourism Economics and Tourism Planning and Policy, has published articles on these subjects at Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel research, Tourism Management, Tourism Economics, Tourist Review, Journal of Spanish Economy and Spanish Economy Papers. Former President and founder of the International Association on Tourism Economics, IATE. Elected member of the International Academy for Tourism Scholars. Editor of Annals of Tourism Research in Spanish. Editorial Board member of Annals of Tourism Research and Tourism Economics. Co-Director of the Tourism White Paper Baleares.

FRÉDÉRIC DIMANCHE Tourism research in transition economies: challenges and outlook

Frederic Dimanche, Ph.D. is professor and Director of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management in the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He was previously Director of the Center for Tourism Management at SKEMA Business School on the French Riviera. Frederic is, with Lidia Andrades, the co-designer of the EU-funded NETOUR project.

Frederic Dimanche obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, USA. He specializes in marketing and management of tourism organizations and destinations. Frederic started his academic career in the College of Business at the University of New Orleans and he worked as Director of Research for The Olinger Group in the USA. He was hired in 2001 by SKEMA Business School to lead the development of master programs and research activities in the field of tourism, event, and hospitality management. Frederic has published numerous articles and has been an active lecturer and contributor to industry practice, working for universities, private companies, and national or regional travel and tourism organizations, in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and Central America. He is a member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism.

LIDIA ANDRADES NeTouR project: Boosting destination competitiveness by enhancing tourism higher education

Lidia Andrades is the Netour Project Leader. PhD in Applied Economics, University of Extremadura. She has been a faculty member at the University of Extremadura since 2000, working on tourism marketing, tourists’ behavior, destination planning and management, and multivariate analysis. Her interests in tourism revolve around destination competitiveness, sustainability, and designing tourism experiences. Lidia has worked on consulting, research, and training contracts, through the university, with several private ">ANDRÉS ARTAL-TUR Tourism in Russia

Andrés Artal-Tur, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Technical University of Cartagena (Spain) and Research Associate in the Institute of International Economics, University of Valencia (Spain). His main research interest is in tourism an international economics. Publications in the area of tourism include the analysis of tourist behaviour with applications in the field of marketing and destination planning. Other topics of interest are those of culture and tourism, and tourism sustainability. He has published extensively in international impact journals, also contributing in books of well-known publishers such as Elsevier, Emerald, and CAB International.

DAVID WARD-PERKINS Business Tourism in Russia

After a successful career in marketing, David Ward-Perkins became an independent consultant in 2002, working throughout Europe and the Middle East, specialising in the social and economic development of regions and destinations through cultural tourism. A Senior Associate of TEAM Tourism Consulting and an Expert for the Cité Européenne de la Culture et du Tourisme Durable, David has also been teaching at SKEMA Business School since 2009 on the MSc marketing and tourism programs.

SHEILA FLANAGAN Cultural Tourism in Russia

Sheila Flanagan, is currently Head of Learning Development and External Engagement, College of Arts and Tourism, Dublin Institute of Technology. She was Head of the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism DIT (2004-2011) – Ireland’s largest and most prestigious hospitality and tourism management centre.

She has a profile in the international academic community and hospitality industry, with an extensive network of contacts and professional alliances with educational establishments and businesses in Europe, USA and South Africa. She has a proven track record in attracting substantial research funding.

She is past President and Chairman of the Travel and Tourism Research Association and is currently Chairman of the US Marketing Outlook Forum. She is a Member of the Council and the Executive of the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC).

MARI VÄHÄKUOPUS Nature-based tourism in Russia

M.Sc. Economics Mari Vähäkuopus works as a project manager dealing with development of leadership and management in the Lapland Hospital District.

As a former project manager of Multidimensional Tourism Institute’s projects, she has worked with a number of national and international projects which have dealt among other things: Barents cross-border tourism development as well as the development of tourism education, wellbeing tourism and tourism product development. She also works as a part time teacher in the Multidimensional Tourism Institute teaching themes such as human resource management and Barents tourism development.

Multidimensional Tourism Institute is a unique community of knowledge, combining tourism education in all levels: Lapland Tourism College, Lapland University of Applied Sciences (School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and University of Lapland (Tourism Research)

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