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International Spanish Course 2019-20

  • Fechas:

    Del 23/09/19 al 03/07/20

  • Lugar:

    Fundació Tecnocampus, Mataró, España (mapa)

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Are you interested in taking a free Spanish Course? We want to inform you that you have the opportunity to learn Spanish freely as an extra activity that doesn’t give any ECTS because it’s not an official subject. It is going to be divided into different level groups in order to improve better your language skills, so we will set up one or two groups depending on the results of a level test.

The level test will be on September 24th at 17:15h in TCM1 Room 1C3. Then the course will start on October 1st. 

The classes will take part in the following rooms:

Tuesday from 17:15h - 18:45h – TCM1 Room 1C3

Thursday from 17:15h - 18:45h - TCM1 Room 111

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