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Advanced methods of EEG / MEG oscillatory data analysis (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

  • Fechas:

    Del 26/03/20 al 26/03/20

  • Lugar:

    Universitat Pompeu Fabra Campus de la Ciutadella, Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, Barcelona, Espanya, Barcelona, España (mapa)

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Workshop: Advanced methods of EEG / MEG oscillatory data analysis

Center for Brain and Cognition  -  Universitat Pompeu Fabra 

26th March, 2020, 14.30 h

Room 24.009, Campus de la Ciutadella


This course aims at introducing students to advanced analysis of the electrophysiological (EEG and MEG) signals for neurocognitive research. The topics will include electrode-based methods of coherence measurement, as well as cross-frequency coupling measures and, last, an introduction to inverse methods for localization of cortical sources of behavioural relevant activity. The lectures are addressed to master, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with some experience in EEG/MEG analysis. No equipment (laptop) is required.

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  • 14:30 Lecture 1 (50 min):  A basic introduction into Phase-Locking and Coherence
  • 15:20 Break 1 (20 min)
  • 15:40 Lecture 2 (50 min):  Methods for cross-frequency coupling
  • 16:30 Break 2 (20 min)
  • 16:50 Lecture 3 (50 min):  Introduction into inverse methods for EEG and MEG


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Main lecturer:


Guido Nolte

Guido Nolte studied physics and made his PhD in 1995 at the University of Oldenburg/Germany.
Since 1995 we worked on methods development for the analysis of MEG and EEG data, in particular on forward and inverse calculations and on the construction of coupling measures. After working in Berlin, Albuquerque, Bethesda and Berlin again, he is now head of the MEG lab of the department 
of neurophysiology and pathophysiology at the UKE in Hamburg.

UKE Hamburg


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