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III Perspectiva Sonora (Sound Perspective)

  • Fechas:

    Del 03/07/19 al 05/07/19

  • Lugar:

    Sala de Graus (2n pis), tecnocampus mataró, Mataró, España (mapa)

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The international conference “Perspectiva Sonora” (Sound Transit) and the symposium “La Creación musical en la Banda Sonora” (Musical Creation in the Soundtrack) collaborate this year in a joint call with the aim to reflect about the role of music and sound in the audiovisual media. With an open and markedly multidisciplinary approach, the philosophy of this meeting is to encourage the confluence of points of view of theoretical paradigms and analytical models. Considering that audiovisual languages are constantly renewed, it is necessary to address the study of these changes from a wide range of ambits as creation, technology, economy, forms of representation, audiences and its reception ways, narrative structures, the theorization of audiovisual phenomena or aesthetics. This is why we propose to address collectively, through a Congress, these processes of transformation of the audiovisual languages in different historical moments, with special emphasis on its sound dimension.


Conference topics are addressed (but not limited) to the following


Sound and music in the cinema.

The role of sound and music in advertising.

Sound dimension in video games.

Semiotic and analysis of sound and music in the audiovisual.

Relations between sound structure and narrative structure.

New models of listening, broadcasting and reception.

Transmedia Sound.

Musical production as creative tool.

Musical industry.

Music and cinema in Spain.

Digitalization and sound preservation

Didactics and audiovisual culture.


Abstracts submission

Abstracts should include a title (and subtitle, when required), the author’s name, academic or professional affiliation and a brief curriculum vitae (5-10 lines). The maximum length of the abstracts should be 300 words and the language can be English, Catalan or Spanish.

There will be no simultaneous translation service, so the selected speaker will be encouraged to include the key terms in their presentations both in English and Spanish to facilitate the maximum confluence in the exchange of knowledge. The speakers will have 15 minutes to present their papers.


Proposals should be submitted in Word (.doc, .docx) format to: perspectivasonora@tecnocampus.cat

The authors will be informed of the acceptance of their work before April 15th, 2019.


Scientific Comittee:

Dr. Philip Tagg (University of Salford)

Dra. Nessa Johnston (EdgeHill University)

Dra. Kathryn Kalinak (Rhode Island College) 

Dr. Josep Lluís i Falcó (Universitat Barcelona)

Dr. Daniel Torras i Segura (ESUPT-TecnoCampus)

Dr. Dr. Jordi Roquer González (ESUPT-TecnoCampus / Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Dra. Lidia López Gómez (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona)

Dra. Diana Díaz González (Universidad de León)

Dr. Manuel Garín (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Dr. Julio Arce (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Dr. Joaquín López (Universidad de Granada)

Dra. Celsa Alonso (Universidad de Oviedo)

Dr. Enrique Encabo (Universidad de Murcia)

Dra. Matilde Olarte (Universidad de Salamanca)

Dra. Teresa Fraile (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Dra. Cande Sánchez Olmos (Universidad de Alicante) 

Dra. Inmaculada Matia Polo (Universidad Complutense Madrid)

Dra. Laura Miranda (Universidad Oviedo)

Dr. Francesc Cortès (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Dr. Robert Barti (ESUPT-TecnoCampus)

Dr. Eduardo Viñuela (Universidad de Oviedo) 


Organizing Committee:

Dr. Josep Lluís i Falcó 

Dra. Diana Díaz González 

Dra. Lidia López

Dr. Jordi Roquer

Dr. Daniel Torras i Segura

Dr. Jordi Soler

Mr. Santos Martínez

Mr. Mauricio Rey

Ms. Sònia Espígul

Ms. Anna Gabriel

Ms. Silvia Segura

Ms. Gala Sola

Ms. Laia Santamarta

Mr. Fernando Maldonado



Dr. Jordi Roquer i González

Dr. Josep Lluís i Falcó 

Dra. Lidia López Gómez



Ms. Sònia Espígul




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