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Teaching in this course will be in person should the circumstances allow it. Otherwise, we will inform you in this webpage and via email for possible changes.

A data driven revolution is already taking place nowadays. This summer school aims to help participants to understand its scope. Through the summer courses scheduled, we will provide students with advanced knowledge on the amazing increase in data management and applications, which are affecting the Economy, Society, Culture and Education. Supported by a mix of lectures, working on a group assignment and an experimental lab session, students will team up to put into practice the lessons learned by presenting a Start-up project.

This 40 hour course will deal with:

  • Data: a new paradigm
  • Data and the firms
  • Data analytics
  • Open source tools
  • Big data databases
  • Cloud computing
  • Open data
  • Privacy and security institutional data
  • Text mining and visualisation
  • Applications in tourism and social sciences
  • Cyber-security
  • Consumer preferences managing
  • Biostatistics


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Dates 28th June – 2rd July
Methodology: Lectures and practical sessions
Language: English

a) 50€ University of Valencia students.

b) 250€ Utrecht Network students (includes accommodation* and breakfast at the Hall of Residence). Check Utrecht Network universities  here

c) 500€ Other students not included in a) or b) (includes accommodation and breakfast at the hall of Residence).

d) 300 € Students who are not from the University of Valencia neither from Utrecht Network member universities but don’t need accommodation.

*IMPORTANT* For applications received later than the 1st May 2021, accommodation cannot be guaranteed.


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  • Summer school 2019

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