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Organizado por Edul@b Research Group - Faculty of Psychology and Education

Webinar Series Data Cultures in HE: Sustainable Assessment Metrics in Higher Education

  • Fechas:

    Del 26/11/20 al 26/11/20

  • Lugar:

    Barcelona, Espanya, Barcelona, España (mapa)

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Sustainable Metrics in Higher Education: from assessment of learning to assessment for learning

The use of data for the specific purpose of assessment in higher education is a particularly "hot" topic today. 
Recent advances in learning analytics, referring to large digitally archived student activity data sets, unlock new practical and epistemic possibilities for assessment, but they also conflict with old same "assessment habitus" as far as they pose ethical questions.
The teachers’ willpower and ability to adequately and critically analyse and understand data raise numerous concerns. How much and when do the numerical data give us information on the essential elements of training and in particular on learning, and not just on some isolated or less significant components of it? The risk is that we will be able to measure “air pollution and cigarette advertising, and ambulances to clear our highways of carnage”, without having the really significant information about “which makes life worthwhile” (from President J.F.Kennedy's discourse). Will the academics be interested and able to manage and effectively use complex data as what it is produced in this digital era, highly diversified, fast changing, massive, and in some cases got through obscure algorithms? 
What it is at stake is sustainable assessment: an approach to assessment which builds over existing data ecosystems to support "assessment literacy": the teachers and students ability of negotiating and understanding the assessment system within a speficic institutional context, towards agency and empowerment. 
Valentina Grion is an Associate Professor in Education at the University of Padova. Formerly Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge (UK), University of Northampton (UK), State University of Rio de Janeiro (BR), Edinburgh (UK). Visiting Professor at the University of Bowling Green in January-April 2019. Her research interests relate peer and self assessment, assessment literacy, educational technology, student voice.

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15.30. Introduction and warming up

15.45. Webinar

16.15. Q&A

16.30. Session closing

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