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Complex Trajectories Seminar: "UNESCO project on Flexible Learning Pathways in UK Higher Education"

  • Fechas:

    Del 23/03/21 al 23/03/21

  • Lugar:

    Barcelona, Espanya, Barcelona, España (mapa)

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UNESCO project on Flexible Learning Pathways in UK Higher Education

The international project on Flexible Learning Pathways (FLP) is led from UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning and the UK case study for the project has been carried out by John Brennan, emeritus professor of higher education research at the Open University.

In a context of lifelong learning when, increasingly, people may need to enter, leave and re-enter higher education at several different life stages, the project has examined the flexibility available to learners about what, when, where, why and how to study. The UK case study obtained information from national higher education policy bodies and several universities. It considered both the opportunities and the challenges provided by FLPs which included students crossing boundaries of subjects, institutions and even countries in their learning journeys. Issues arise for curricula (multi-,inter-disciplinary, work-based learning), for study methods (face-to-face or online), for intensity of study (full-time or part-time), for quality assurance (balancing regulatory and enhancement functions) and for the provision of information for learners to enable them to make their decisions about which pathways to follow.

The presentation will set out the main findings of the project, its recommendations for national and institutional policies, and the questions still remaining for achieving a more flexible and diverse higher education provision which meets changing and increasingly diverse learner needs.

Complex trajectories in learning deal with many aspects of education and training. We will discuss in this seminar about three aspects that are funadamental to allow flexibility and quality in terms of unusual and rich learning and training pathways:

  • The first is the artificial border between education and training. The education path leading to higher education is considered apart from the vocational training with difficult and arduous crossing points.
  • The second is the recording and validation of the competences acquired in different formats like formal, nonformal and informal settings. It is not clear how to define a learning account for each person.
  • The third is the adaptation of learning paths to the digital advancements in society, clearly refelected in the consequences that the pandemic lockdown has created for all involved in education and training.


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11.00 - Seminar Presentation. 

  • Josep M Duart, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.  

11.10 - UNESCO project on Flexible Learning Pathways: UK Higher Education case. 

  • John Brennan. Emeritus Professor. Open University UK

11:30 - Three Reflections for the debate

  • Alfredo Soeiro. University of Porto, Portugal

11:50 -  Discussion

  • John Brennan. Emeritus Professor. Open University UK
  • Alfredo Soeiro. University of Porto, Portugal

12.10 - Open discussion with participants

12:30 - End of the seminar


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