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Organizado por Sebastián López Maza

Introduction to Spanish Criminal Law

  • Fechas:

    Del 03/06/19 al 14/06/19

  • Lugar:

    Facultad de Derecho, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, España (mapa)

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The Summer School "Introduction to Spanish Criminal Law" provides the essential knowledge about the Spanish Criminal Law system with references to its constitutional, legislative and judicial functioning and to the main theoretical scholarly developments in the fields of Criminal Law principles, general theory of crime and legal consequences of crime. The course is addressed to foreign students and legal practitioners interested in learning about the Spanish Criminal Law system.


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Part 1. – Limiting Principles of the Criminal Law (4 hours)

Lesson 1 – The Legality Principle (2 hours)
Lesson 2 – The Principle of Proportionality. Other Limiting Principles (2 hours)

Part 2. – Theory of Punishment (10 h)

Lesson 3 – Retributive Theories of Punishment (2 hours)
Lesson 4 – Preventive Theories of Punishment (I): Deterrence and ‘Positive General Prevention’ (2 hours)
Lesson 5 – Preventive Theories of Punishment (II): Rehabilitation and Incapacitation (2 hours)
Lesson 6 – Mixed Theories of Punishment (2 hours)
Lesson 7 – Sentencing (2 hours)

Part 3. – General Theory of Crime (14 h)

Lesson 8 – Introduction to the General Theory of Crime. The ‘Human Conduct’ Requirement (2 hours)
Lesson 9 – Wrongfulness (I): Wrongfulness in General. Causation and ‘Objective Imputation’ (2 hours)
Lesson 10 – Wrongfulness (II): Criminal Liability for Omissions (2 hours)
Lesson 11 – Wrongfulness (III): Justification in General. Necessity and Self Defence (2 hours)
Lesson 12 – Mens Rea: Intent, Knowledge, Recklessness and Negligence. Mistake of Fact (2 hours)
Lesson 13 – Culpability: Irresponsibility, Excuses, Mistake of Law (2 hours)
Lesson 14 – Inchoate Offences (Preparatory Conduct and Attempt). Parties to Crime (2 hours).

+ Visit to the Spanish Supreme Court/ Constitutional Court/ Royal Academy of Legislation and Jurisprudence (2 hours)

TOTAL = 3 ECTS (30 hours of attendance to lessons and planned activities + 45 hours of preparation of class materials and exams)

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