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Organizado por Analytical Spectroscopy and Sensors Group (GEAS)

International Congress on Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - IX NyNA 2019

  • Fechas:

    Del 02/07/19 al 04/07/19

  • Lugar:

    CaixaForum - Zaragoza, José A. Clavé, 4, 50004-Zaragoza, Zaragoza, España (mapa)

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See important dates of IX NyNA 2019 International Congress.

NEW: The definitive scientific / social programs, and the complete list of oral and poster communications are available here.


Selected, refereed papers from the IX International Congress on Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology NyNA 2019 will be published in a Topical Collection of Microchimica Acta. More Info.

The INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ANALYTICAL NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY - IX NyNA 2019 will be held in Zaragoza (Spain) in July 2nd to 4th, 2019 at  the CAIXAFORUM Exhibition and Congress Center of Zaragoza (Spain).

The main goal of this Conference is to promote the development and the new knowledge on Analytical Chemistry concepts applied to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology under three point of view:

  1. Nanomaterials as analytes in single and complex matrices,
  2. Nanomaterials as tools to develop analytical techniques and methodologies, and
  3. A mixture of both. 

Special interest will be given to (bio)sensors, analytical nano/micro metrology, electronics  and environmental and food nanotechnology.

From the morning of the 2nd to the afternoon of the 4th of July, a programme with  plenary lectures, keynotes, oral communications and poster sessions in relation to the following topics will be developed:

  • Nano(bio)sensors: Sensors and biosensors based on nanomaterials and nanostructures.
  • Analytical Nanometrology: Detection, characterization and quantification of nanomaterials in complex samples.
  • Development and characterization of new nanomaterials with analytical interest
  • Nanomaterials and quality of life: environment, food and health
  • Bioanalytical nanostructured tools
  • Other nanotechnological applications in Analytical Chemistry: catalytic effects, preconcentrations, separations, … etc.
  • Legal regulations about the use of namomaterials

The meeting will be organized by the Group of Analytical Spectroscopy and Sensors (GEAS) of the University of Zaragoza, with the collaboration of the NANOBACT Action Group of the Iberus International Campus of Excellence, and will take place at the CAIXAFORUM Exhibition and Congress Center of Zaragoza (Spain).

During the conference, an exhibition is also planned. Companies and institutions will have the possibility to advertise and give information about their products or activities. Different options will be given, from showing in small stands to specific seminars or product launch that will take place in the venue of the conference.

Companies that have already participated in previous NyNA Congresses will have preference to take part in the Conference and to book a space for product showing, seminars or workshops. At the beginning of the year 2019, around the month of February, the Organizing Committee will open a period of time in order to give the opportunity to other national and international companies highlighted in Analytical Nanoscience.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Prof Juan R Castillo

Chairman IX NyNA 2019

Email of the Congress: ixnyna2019@unizar.es




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Important Dates


March 1, 2019   to   May 25, 2019                          Early Registration

March 1, 2019   to   April 23, 2019                          Uploading Abstracts

March 1, 2019   to   July 30, 2019                           Student Registration

May 26, 2019   to   July 30, 2019                            Regular Registration

June 03, 2019                                                       Last day of receipt of abstracts to be included in the book of abstracts

July 1, 2019   to   July 4, 2019                               Overcost Registration


July 2, 2019   to   July 4, 2019                                IX NyNA International Congress


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