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33rd International Pupil Colloquium

  • Fechas:

    Del 02/10/19 al 04/10/19

  • Lugar:

    Murcia, España, Murcia, España (mapa)

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33rd International Pupil Colloquium


2nd - 4th October, Murcia (Spain)



For over 60 years, Pupil Colloquia have brought together experts from around the world who study pupillary responses in humans and animals. Each meeting includes presentations on external (e.g. light intensity, colour, visual patterns, pain, etc) and internal (e.g. cognitive, arousal, attention, sleep, etc) influences on pupillary responses in normal individuals, as well as human clinical studies of afferent, efferent, and central pupillary pathways. The interest in the science and applications of the pupil is continuously increasing with more and more potential applications in different fields.
We will be welcoming participants from basic and applied research with a variety of approaches. The 33rd Pupil Colloquium is open to everyone!

The Colloquium will be held from October 2-4, 2019 in Murcia, Spain. A key feature of this single-session meeting is the relaxed atmosphere with all participants encouraged to present and discuss their work either as a talk or a poster. A number of prominent invited speakers have confirmed their assistance and will provide tutorial style revision of the field.

The Colloquium is organized by the Laboratorio de Optica de la Universidad de Murcia (LO·UM). The conference will be located in the center of the city of Murcia, located in the south-east of Spain, 400 km from Madrid and 50 km from the Mediterranean coast. There are plenty of cultural and recreational opportunities in the area, including beaches, nature areas and historic monuments. Murcia can be accessed through the Murcia and Alicante airports or by train from Madrid.

Mark your calendar! See you in Murcia.



Workshop chair

Pablo Artal

International Organizing Committee
John Barbur
Aki Kawasaki 
Paul Gamlin 
Corinne Carle
Ted Maddess 
Ronald Douglas 
Barbara Wilhelm
Randy Kardon
Local Organizing Committee
Pedro Prieto
Carmen Martínez


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