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Organizado por Universidad de Zaragoza

22nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CORPORATE AND MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS. CMC2017 - Challenges of Marketing Communications in a Globalized World

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    Del 04/05/17 al 05/05/17

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University of Zaragoza (Spain) is proud to host the 22nd International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications. CMC 2017 is for academic researchers and educators as well as practitioners seeking to promote and advance knowledge in the field of corporate marketing and communications, brands and branding.

Sociotechnical advances facilitate interactive communications involving an increase in the amount and speed of information exchange. On this digitalized world, social media represent a great opportunity for companies to communicate with their stakeholders, but also to generate an active dialogue among different participants. In this era characterized by a higher consumer empowerment, corporate marketing and communications should be able to combine and integrate complementary channels to build an effective company identity and reputation, fostering strong individual and corporate brands, and engaging consumers to gain their advocacy. Taking advantage of direct and customer oriented features of social media and alternative marketing channels is crucial for corporate and marketing communications today and tomorrow.

CMC 2017 Conference draws attention not only on the role of interactive communication tools (e.g. social media, mobile apps) favoring stakeholders’ dialogue in corporate marketing, but also on other effective alternatives used for this purpose. For example, what multichannel marketing and communications strategies have proved adequate and sustainable? Which are the current and future challenges of using social media for corporate marketing communications?  What does it mean for communication to be genuinely dialogic and truly interactive? How can corporate marketing and communications though interactive channels help rebuild trust in brands? How can brands and organizations use digital tools in order to gain consumer advocacy? What are the ethical challenges of corporate marketing and communications in a digitalized society? How can social media and other digital channels contribute to achieve excellence in corporate and marketing communications? The same questions apply to institutions, NGOs and other organizations that are inexorably tied up with the business of communication. These questions, along with other topics, will be addressed at the conference.

IMPORTANT: For conference registration press "Inscribirse". 

Conference dates: 4-5 May 2017

Contact details: contact.cmc2017@gmail.com

Upon acceptance, the authors agree the following:
(a) to return the manuscript (abstract) in correct format and time to be included in the conference proceedings,
(b) at least one author will present the manuscript at the conference and will register (by March 15th 31) and
(c) in case that an author presents more than one manuscript, each manuscript will require the registration of a different coauthor.




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