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Organizado por Universidad Loyola Andalucía / Bournemouth University’s Faculty of Management

Higher Education Marketing Colloquium

  • Fechas:

    Del 01/04/19 al 02/04/19

  • Lugar:

    Universidad Loyola Andalucía c/Energía Solar,1 41014Sevilla, Sevilla, España (mapa)

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This colloquium will be hosted by The Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Seville, in partnership with Bournemouth University’s Faculty of Management. The theme is "Managing uncertainty through a time of change in higher education marketing'.

Considering the increasingly high costs associated with higher education students have greater expectations from university. Policy makers and the media are noticing the inequity of both costs and opportunity and are placing greater scrutiny on the higher education industry (L.Huempfner and Kopf 2017). These factors, among others have led to the evolution of higher education to a more market-driven culture (Gibbs, 2011).

This marketisation of HE is often contentious and, for some, challenges the very essence of what HE is for. The interactions between changes in academic identity, teaching and the curriculum; and secondly, on student identities and their impact on teaching and assessment, and their consequent learning outcomes, make for fundamental challenges on the HE sector.

Marketisation has significantly changed the landscape of HE significantly and students must now be attracted, catered to, and approached like consumers are in a profit-seeking setting (Guilbault, 2016). This colloquium will initiate discussion, drive collaboration and grow networks amongst marketing academics and HE marketers, which will promote, advance and disseminate current practices and developments in HE marketing.

Keynote Speaker

We are delighted to welcome Dr Cristián Saracco to present the Keynote presentation.

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr Cristián Saracco has a PhD in Corporate Communication and Strategic Knowledge Management, holds an MBA and is an Industrial Engineer. His research area is focused in the relation among people and companies when sharing intuitively values.

Dr Saracco is an Associate Professor for undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education programs at the Loyola Andalusia University. He is the Founding Partner of Allegro 234 | The crafted branding company –a Certified B Corp®, member of Medinge Group, a think tank of brand experts from around the world whose purpose is to influence business to become more humane and conscious, and from 2014 onwards, Member of the Board of AEBrand –the Branding Association of Spain.

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